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Beads is a color matching puzzle game about different colored heads named Beads
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Beads is a color matching puzzle game about several different colored heads named Beads, which are kind of balls with eyes and mouth. The purpose of the game is to match more than three beads of the same color in a horizontal direction.

Before you begin the game, you'll have to choose the mode to play from three different options: Classic, Puzzle, and Score. After selecting any mode, you'll be shown a map with all the levels in the game; you just click on the Start button and a tutorial will be played to teach you how the game works.

These beads are located in three gray pipes, each of which has the shape of a "U". The player will have one bead with a different color at a time; you can choose in which pipe you'd like to drop the bead.

If by dropping a bead on any pipe you get to form a horizontal line with at least three beads of the same color, they will disappear and your score will rise. If you drop a bead on the top of another bead that has the same color then both will be combined into one, a big smile will appear on the bead, and your score will rise as well.

Several objects will appear as you play, such as Mines, Jokers, and the Pig. Mines give you 15 seconds before they explode; their purpose is to scramble the beads to help you create matches. The Jokers are able to match with any other bead regardless of their color. And the Pig will increase your score when combined with the appropriate colored bead.

The Iron Head is a bead that cannot be combined with anything else, you'll have to get rid of it using a bomb whenever you get the chance. Try to play quickly because the beads will begin to fall and fill up the pipes if you take too long. If any bead goes into the water, you'll lose points and eventually the game.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Original and uncommon game
  • A lot of levels to play
  • Very nice sound and music


  • Graphics are a bit dull
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